The Freedom of Modesty

As a girl who wears the hijab it isn’t just about covering our bodies, for me it gives me a different type of freedom, a freedom to choose what I want to do with my own body, gives me a chance to cover myself, be modest in a world that expects the opposite from women.
Expects them to show their skin, they label that as confidence and modesty as insecurity.
Which is false of course, there are many countries that have double standards with the “freedom of women and their rights”
Like France, by now everyone is aware or should be aware what is happening there, the huge problem with Islamophobia that is just another word for racism for us Muslims no matter the skin and nationality.

How France has banned the hijab from public schools and school trips, how France is doing it’s everything to make people give up their religion to be able to be “accepted”
France says that they are fighting “radical Islam” while they are lying.
First, they are limiting the freedom of Muslim women under the name of “liberation”
but did banning the burkinis improve our freedom as Muslim women? Simply, No, it did not.
here again we are facing the double standards, “free women by restricting their freedom”
Muslim women never asked for this, we do not need this, so why get involved?

Of course in my opinion France should focus on the problems within the country, like the 1 million people who dropped under the poverty line in nine months.
If France has a problem with “radical” Islam, why are you bothering innocent people? Why are there armed police officers outside the mosques? France should look at their foreign politics, because every single one of them has failed. You can’t blame innocent people for the actions of a few. There are 1,8 billion Muslims, common sense, all of them aren’t terrorists, and those who are terrorists aren’t even Muslims, but that’s a different topic for a different time.

As for the Hijab, it is a small part of modesty as we know it, it is more than covering your hair or body, it’s about manners and behavior, that is what the word hijab as we know it is translated from the Quran, the word for covering is actually khimar.
And actually using the “hijab” was one of the last commands, after the 5 pillars and the bases of Islam and the iman.

The cool thing about Arabic right is that for covering the head just covering the head there are at least nine different words, all with a different use for example for the length of the covering.
The term hijab in the Quran does not mean headscarf itself.
We ask, “does she wear a hijab?” “I started wearing the hijab when-”
unfortunately the word hijab means headscarf is modern Arabic which is fine but it causes many misunderstandings.
In Aaronic Arabic the hijab meant a physical curtain that separates the entire body not just on your body it’s a curtain between you and the other person, whoever is speaking, the word in the Quran nor the Arabs ever used it as we know it today

But now that we have gotten that explained let’s talk about the spiritual sides of the common hijab. One of the best things is that people see you for who you are, for what’s in your mind, for what you say, and think. Not for your looks and it’s an actual issue in the world
“hijab” is used in many ways for different things Hijab is not my Islam, there are countless ways to be a good Muslim.
But for sure it is one of many things that helps me, being me, it is a part of my identity and my progress in life. Hijab does not prevent me from shining or being seen, it is not to hide me because I am not worthy of recognition, it does not slow me down or make me less worthy, it is empowering in it’s own way, it gives me a choice.

Hijab does not define me as a person, it does not tell about my nature, it shows who I am in a different way, on the inside, with Allah . Hijab is not a social debate on righteousness, it is a choice only I can and should be in charge of, because it is about my faith and how I understand my religion, how I want to use it in my daily life, as for me personally, my faith, is one of the most important things

Hijab is not to protect others from committing visual sins by taking a look, it is to direct people’s attention to me as me, to my personality, rather than the looks.
To my beliefs, to my values, to me as a human being, and not judged by sexuality, or body.
And yes you still see Muslim women without the common “hijab” but as said it’s a personal choice between them, their faith and God.



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